Looking to join WH Corp

Hello trusting New Eden recruiters…

I am a 100m+ SP player that has found one thing and one thing only wrong with my current corp and that is that there seems to be a prolonged lack of content. Don’t get me wrong, I understand there will be quiet periods but the recent move to NS and distinct lack of activity for a number of months has meant I am looking for a corp with a bit more regular activity.
I am loyal, 6’2", with brown hair, blue eyes and a blatant disregard for my own KB. I enjoy short walks throughout New Eden looking for other people to shoot but will happily attend camping expeditions if it means blowing up other people’s stuff.
Non-smoker who also enjoys chatting with other corp members over the consumption of alcohol. G&T, Red Wine or a decent lager and I am yours.
I very rarely fly Drakes.
Ship of choice: Sleipnir (although rarely got to fly)
Prefered comms: To my face… and my eyes are up here!

What I can offer you:
Experience in J-Space;
Self-sustaining (don’t need SRP, PVE opportunities or pre-fit ships);
Happy to jump on any fleet, any size, for quick or prolonged ops in any part of New Eden;
Skilled for Caps;
Working mic;
Whatever API stuff you need to satisfy yourself I’m not a CODE alt; and
A conversation before joining to make sure I am a right “fit”.

What I can’t offer you:
A “useful alt” (I basically use this one toon for everything so if you want a second Dictor/Scanner alt, sorry. I have another alt but it’s Alpha and training for cyno;
Full review of my mail - While I will happily provide the API, I will delete all my mails as there are messages there with personal information of people I know (addresses, children’s names, bank accounts (I organised an EvE Vegas trip)) as well as Leadership Corp mails that I am not going to go through and delete individually so have just deleted all. Sorry.

What I expect from corp:
Decent group of people who like to pew other people.

What the corp can expect from me:
Pretty much anything. The only real “rule” I follow is RL first. I am on pretty much every weeknight in EUTZ and frequently on at wkends so if I can; I will.

I think that about covers my New Eden Tinder profile so any other questions, PM me in-game or ask here.
If sending pics, please none of the following:

  • Sedated tigers;
  • Machu Picchu;
  • Those steps in Rio;
  • Pics of your hot mates (although please forward on my details).


Favorite Bourbon?

Sounds like you’re dealing with a lot of the same stuff that we were before we left nullsec for the land of honor brawls and juicy targets to hunt.

Give us a look, I think you’d fit well.

o7 @BearThatCares,

I did actually… I didn’t respond for the simple reason you wrote this:
“If our group is not having fun, we go find it somewhere else. Sometimes this can make us fairly nomadic, especially with the current meta of EVE.” and maybe I misunderstood but from reading it appeared that you might frequently pack up from J-Space and head back to NS or LS? Am I wrong and do you intend to stay in J-Space for a while?

My current corp lived in a C2 and have recently moved to NS for Cap stuff… which I can do but as mentioned, there hasn’t been any activity for a few months and I much preferred living in J-Space.


That line is mostly there as to why we left nullsec for J-space after 3 years :slight_smile: I don’t really see us leaving J-space as a corporation, the damage from the current meta has really broken lowsec/nullsec for extended living. But who knows, maybe CCP adds supers and no mass limits to wormholes and we’ll all have to go run resource wars in Highsec.

That being said, we have a lot of alts and are a very versatile group (some of us even have titans in large nullblocs for safekeeping). We’ve done 1-2 week deployments in the past, and I wouldn’t put it past us to do some dreadbombs or content deployments every now and then. We’re here to enjoy the game together and blow up space pixels.

your disregard to your KB froths my loins. MCAV is recruiting. Drop by ‘mcav-public’ in game and holler at one of our recruiters. or you can click this link and get started.

Hi There,

Im part of a small Corp (Ministry of Silly Walks) living in a C2 with a HS and C3 static, so we get a decent amount of content.
Unfortunately the corp was inactive for a while and im in the process of rebooting it to get more players like yourself who want to go out there and pew the unlucky bastards that find their way into our wormhole.

We have a few regular players and we are mainly in EU timezone.
While I wont pretend that we have regular activity at the moment, i can promise you that we can build this corp together for the sole purpose of blowing ■■■■ up.

If you think you would be interested you can reach me ingame or on our discord channel: https://discord.gg/BkheFa

best of luck in your search

Hey there big boy,

I think we have a lot in common and would love to skip a bit of the feeling out process and jump straight into the action haha.

So my corp has been a little quiet recently but our small alliance is thriving in our C3 with null sec static. We have a corp meeting on Thursday to get everyone going again. We’re all EU and love a good laugh on comms in a chilled out environment.

We have weekly ops on a Sunday and Tues evening where we rage roll our static looking for nice content. There are various other no standard ops taking place through the week if you fancy a roam or camping a pipe etc.

Anyway if you’re interested in finding out a bit more perhaps we can cuddle up and chat on comms one night this week? :wink:

Drop me a line, we got ships to explode.

Hey SsjGhost, not sure if you’ve found your’e crop yet but feel free to drop us a line if you’d like to chat. We have a good variety of content off our C2 with C4 & HS statics, PvE/PVP and industry/mining. It does’t look like you need much hand holding but we’re a pretty social bunch that are always on the lookout for experienced pilots :wink:

Check out our forum post and drop us a line on TS (ts.outfit48com) or in our public chat channel -418-

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