Returning player blah blah LF blah blah USTZ WH PVP blah blah

Finally have time to play again
Have 4 accounts
Can basically fly all subcaps except command ships marauders and logi and trig ships(only have leshak trained to t2 guns) on this account 121m SP
Acc2 can fly tengu, prot, hacs, guardian, sabre 67m SP(purchased character)
Acc3 is scanner can also fly t1 caldari missile boats upto BC, battleships start soon. 63m SP
Acc4 can only fly a blaster moros 45m SP

Willing to scan, probably slowly til I get used to it again
Am familiar with WH mechanics
Questions? Comments? Concerns? Offers?

You sound like a good fit for us. USTZ of mostly PvP vets. Lots of multi-boxing, plenty of small gang and brawl content.

Sounds like you like PVP!!!

Fwaming dwagons ins a newly formed PVP corp. Basics are as follows

  • C2 with a 0.0/C5 static so new PVE and PVP content 24/7
  • NO BLUES - Shoot everything
  • small gang nano fleets
  • no BS politics in game
  • super tight fit group
  • HIGHLY active
  • top 1% of pvpers

Ad is straight and true. Check out our killboard or our youtube channel to see what we fly and how we fly it. Mad fun and you will get dank frags and lots of laughs.

Hit me up on discord and lets talk more about it!

blah blah bump blah blah

blah blah c4 blah blah eu/us tz blah blah blah pvp and pve blaah smal scale pvp blah blah

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