LF Pacific US Timezone Corp

I open to PVP but I’m leaning towards PVE content in groups/fleets. I’m relatively new but I’m a team player. I’m tired of playing solo and so I’m looking for an active group within my timezone (in title).

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If you’re on from 5-10 pacific, check us out!

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You should consider joining Malevelon Roe Industries! They are an active Highsec PVE corp based in Gallente space. If you’re interested in learning more about them, here’s their Discord: MALRO Discord

That’s pretty much my golden hour. If you have a group on at that time that would make me very interested in finding out more.

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Yeah we have plenty of activity between 5-8 PST, around 9-10 is when it’ll teeter off.

If not us, there are plenty other solid late USTZ wormhole groups :slight_smile:

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That sound’s great. I mentioned earlier but I am still new to the game, I know there are some corps. that want a little more experience than what I have to offer at the moment.

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@BearThatCares Would I apply through your Corps. website or do you have an office in game?

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Just check out the thread bud, it’ll walk you through :slight_smile:

Come chat in Discord if you have issues.

Hey man if you’re still looking give our corp a look. We are a US based PVP corp. Your we do a lot of stuff together. If you’re interested join our discord and give our post a read:

Bokbok @Azure_Zaine ,

I’d love for you to come into our discord sometime to talk about Fweddit http://discord.fweddit.space/

My corp runs Free Range Chikuns, our small and independent poultry loving US/Late EU NS/LS alliance that does daily fun blops drops, cap drops, and small gang fights.

Anyways, come into discord so we can chat, and ask for me, nivlac hita (CEO, Discord ID @niv#5061). Even if you’re unsure or already have another corp, we do lots of public roams and just like to chit chat on our discord. If I’m not on, ask for my lovely assistants by typing @Human Resources.

Fweddit ad’s here for reference

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