167m SP pilot seeking active wormhole corp

Hello friends. Myself and my swedish bro are seeking an organized, active and capable WH entity to call home.

I’m in need of a wormhole corp with active, mature, and competent members. A corp with mature, experienced leadership with short and long term corp goals. You must use intelligent bookmark naming conventions. A reasonably good mapper, and have a proven track record on your KB.

Here’s a taste of what I can bring to the table:

-I’m an ex-Black Ops, Capital FC. I also used to FC for many of my old WH corps. I wouldn’t mind doing so once again for my new corp if you’re the right fit for me.

-Active scanner. I love scanning with a passion.

-High SP, I can fill nearly any role. I fly virtually every subcap.

-FAX Alt / Cyno Alts

-I’m Canadian, so you can get dank deals on maple syrup

zKill: https://zkillboard.com/character/2065576633/

Skills: https://www.eveskillboard.com/pilot/Zieg_Olexia

Feel free to post here or DM me in-game.

Thanks for reading lads. o/

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Hey bud, check us out, we hit your boxes.

  • Primarily veterans (100-250m SP), been playing for years together
  • Clear history of short and long term goals (surveys, public updates on our sites, 2.5 years to dig through)
  • Mapper and signatures are standard, you’ll find that in every wormhole group
  • Plenty of history on our kb

As a side note, we actually just picked up a Swede and have plenty of Canadians, currently we do pub meetups in UK/US and are looking to do them in more regions :slightly_smiling_face: Have a handful going to EVE Vegas this year.

Videos, culture, and more info on our thread.

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Ah dude Bear already commented on this. Seriously think you should consider that option. Good group of guys I used to fly with when they were back in null. I don’t know a single time Bear didn’t want to go kill something.

Hello @Zieg_Olexia ,

We are a super ACTIVE and extremely competent WH PVP Corp/Alliance. Your knowledge and skill set would respected and utilized if you decided to try us out. We have already a strong core of Leadership/FC’s as well as a JFC program in place. However will all this said, I still think our strongest asset is our gaming community in coms. If you get a chance, come see who and what we are in space…

Hope to see you in space,

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