Looking for a WH corp, old player returning

Hello folks.

Just resubed after the blackout in null sec, its going to be exiting.
I am a 96mill skill points player, looking for a WH corp doing PVP in null sec and other places, also some PVE when there is no fleet up.

PI and combat sites.

I have also skilled inn to capital ships and would like to fly some of those also in the WH, some corps have a policy against using it .
I can use most ships and can also fly some of them good. Have lived in WH a long thime in the earlier days.

I am used to scan and can fly Tech 3 ships , Prot is my favorit, or I bring my phobos, whatever needed.

I am armor skilled so I would like for the corp I apply to , to also have that as goto defence, I can also fly guardian .

RL first, do sometimes get Wife agrro.

Sounds like you’d be a good fit for us, got the right skills to get into those juicy armor brawls and nullsec roams! We’re no stranger to wife aggro either.

We’re C4 so you’d only get capital action in C5 bearholes and k-space hotdrops, though.

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