Looking for a small gang pvp/pve corp

Hello guys,

I am a 29 mil SP with a love for Triglavian ships. I’m interested in an active pvp/pve corp (mostly pvp since I like the adrenaline, but pve is fine as well), with operations in low sec andnull sec, but i would appreciate some guidance, because that is always good to have. I am however capable of doing my own research and I just want to know that if I have a question, somebody will try to help me if they are able. I really enjoy the Drek and also the Kikimora, but I also like flying stealthy ships like covops and SB.

So I’m looking for a corp that would fit this kind of criteria and play style.

Thank you for reading,

Have a good day :grinning:

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You should come to wormholes, plenty of solo PvE opportunities to fund yourself and become self-sufficient.

Since you’re after small gang, I think you should take a look at us at Krypted Gaming. Tons of microgang in EUTZ and larger brawls in USTZ.


I have been playing EVE for years now and am still excited about the game. I came back recently after a nice break and tried to find a corp which suits my playstyle. And here started my problem. I could not find anything. They all had some demands or rules I did not want to meet. CTA’s, mandatoy on comms, nothing other than PvP, etc.

So I decided to create my own corp. A corp where the main occupation is PvP but also has room for other playstyles. Do you like manufacturing or exploration as a means to fund your PvP. No problem! Do you want to log in after a hard day at work and not be on comms but just relax? No problem!

I like the close knittedness of a corp and dont like the added weight of an alliance. An alliance will, in my mind, cause the corp to loose its identity and ability to make its own decisions. So this corp will not join an alliance ever. Same goes for blues, we dont need them.

So I hope that you are interested after reading this. The corp is small of course but I would like to grow it with like minded people. To create an environment where we have fun with whatever we do.

What we offer

Mature atmosphere with plenty of experience and SP
PvP orientated with room for other playstyles
Active, engaged, and approachable leadership 
Plenty of content: we can go anywhere we want
A relaxed, drama free atmosphere

What we are looking for

Self-sufficient, PVP focused players
No hard SP limit
Pilots who want to help out other pilots

Join our channel FUP PUB and have a talk to find out more!

Hey there Calystia!

I think you’d be a great fit here in Battle Kats. Our game is PvP and the goal is community building.

Battle Kats is a member of Hardly Competent Alliance which is a member of the Kairos Initiative.

We live in LowSec and have some really awesome friends out here, swing by out Discord and say hi!
Battle Kats Discord

Hope to hear from you soon!

Trigs Rule!!!

Hey sounds like we might be a good fit for you.

Check out our add for more info here: (PVP / PVE Null Corp) Ionized Cobalt is Recruiting

Hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile:

Hey come have a chat with us in game here is our ad

Know what you mean. Likely i found a good group of players that play well together. Some vets from 2004, while others are only a few months old.

Send me a evemail and ask anything you want, if i can’t help one of the other will have the answer.

As for Trig ships we have few that almost solely use them. So any advise you need you’ll find some good ones.

[W.N.G.A]" Who needs graphics anyway" is a PVP oriented corp, located in 0.0(legacy) We are currently looking for new members. If you are PVP-minded, fairly experienced, but most of all relaxed, with a mature attitude and if you are looking for a great time, we are the corp for you!

We have the following to offer you:

  • Active veteran leadership
  • Full ship reimbursement program.
  • PVP rewards (ISK reward)
  • Doctrine ship replacement program
  • Frequent OPS
  • Baiting
  • Bashes
  • PVE (simply because you need ISK)

Mumble is required and communication is done in English. We do ask some commitment from your part as far as joining meetings and if possible fleet ops. But most importantly we are all just looking for a fun time together in EVE and helping each other when possible.

contact me in-game

Hey @Calystia_Saiykal,

We are a low-sec PvP corp, but when we can’t find other human targets, we spend a lot of time in the abyss. We also do a fair amount of black ops when targets are available, so your covert skills will come in handy. Check out our ad below and come have a chat with us on Discord to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Just looking for fun and good folks to hang with and lots of opportunity to make isk?

Check us out.

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