67m SP Pilot looking for frigate/small scale 0.0 roams regularly

So I really like flying frigates. I’m looking for a PvP corp who are based in low- or high-sec space, but who regularly roam into null for action. Is this something that exists? I have flown with bombers bar and SpectreFleet on a number of occasions, but I’m looking for daily (if possible) action. I play in EUTZ, usually in evenings.

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We live in 0.0, so we roam across there primarily. We’re a uk based Corp, part of LORDE alliance.
We do larger scale fleets as well as small scale pew pew. We also have space for ratting/mining.

If you think this is some thing you want to hear more about, join our in game channel brittas empire public or join our discord to say hi https://discord.gg/tZacyWu

Fly safe o7

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Check out Federation of Freedom Fighters . We are an PvP first corp that has a strong USTZ presence but we do cover all Time Zones.

This is a quick list of what we offer:

Small/Medium Gang PvP
Access to Nullsec (Immensea region)
Corp/Alliance SRP
FCs in all Time Zones
Industry back bone to fuel PvP habits
Corp buyback program
Part of Evictus alliance

We have numerous guys that like to fly Assault and Faction frigates in corp and alliance as well. There is usually frigate roams happening daily.

If you want to learn more you can contact me in game or join the in game channel F-OFF NOW to speak to a recruiter.

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If you’re open to null we might be a good fit… Pretty constant action since we live near Horde. We keep jump clones to go on Spectre and BB when FCs are resting.

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