11.2 Minmatar looking to branch into PVP

I have been mostly focused on Exploration and mission running. I have a desire to learn pvp. my solo attempts at pvp have been an unmitigated disaster. with the loss of much isk.

We are a rl first pvp focus corp. We are looking for team players who want to accomplish stuff together, I can’t guarantee that you’ll suddenly not die but you’ll at least be with other people doing so. It is likely that we will also ask you to cross train to different races than just Minmatar. We also have fantastic space to make isk when needed. Stop by and have a chat, we might be a good fit.

Hit me up ingame via mail or join our public channel - FW offers a low bar of entry for beginners, and we’ve got experienced pilots to help get you up to speed on the basics of pvp, how they relate to the current meta, and plenty of room to grow from there :slight_smile:

Hello Icyleft
Care Factor would love to talk to you. We offer pvp training for small gangs and large gang PVP.
We are recruiting in 0.0 space. Please feel free to join our channel in game. C.F. Recruitment lounge.

hi The Dog House is recruiting if u are still looking we a pretty chill bunch with lots of fleets big and small so pm me in game for a chat

Hey Icyleft,

Maybe we could be a good fit.

o7 Icyleft,
I would propose that you look at WAIVE a new corporation within long sstablished nullsec entity Razor alliance. With a mentor program and plenty of ISK making opportunities, you should be quick up on your own feet with us. Just join the recruitment channel and someone will be with you shortly.


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