110 million SP PvP Pilot - Looking for Lowsec/Small gang PvP Corp - EU TZ


I’ve been away from the game a while and looking to get back.

I’m after a lowsec corporation or a wormhole corporation on EU TZ focused on small gang roams.

I like piloting interceptors, tackling and hunting with a scanner alt. If I’m the right fit for you, please send a message below

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Hi there Augustus sol

I think we could be a good option for you m8.

Please read out post below and get an idea of what we do and what we can offer you

looking to hear from you


Thanks, I think I’d be interested in joining!

hello Augustus

we are a corp in the eu time zone whit a npc null home and nect to hisec
we are pritty laid back aand loking for some ppl like ureself
wanne talk and know more hit me op on discord so we can talk

Hi and hell yes look us up :slight_smile: )
Please Join our discord for more information or to ask any questions.

hey there. Unsure if your still looking, but if you are… could be a great home for you with a solid EUTZ presence.

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