110M SP Player looking for Abyssal Deadspace Corp

Hello there,

I am looking for a corp that mainly focuses on Abyssal Deadspace and Triglavian Invasions. I can fly almost everything, including Dreads and Caps. I don’t mind PvP at all but my main focus will be the above.

I am 35 yrs old, play mostly in USTZ (EST) but travel a lot and sometimes play in weird TZs. Just looking for a corp to have some fun with and have the same interests.

FYI, the corp I am currently in is just one I created so I don’t have to pay taxes when running missions.

Wanna learn wormhole space? Interstellar Illumination lives in a c5 and we are looking for some pilots

Hey Keasby,

Check out Leviathan Rising in game if you’re interested in mining. There is a large complex out where they live and they own a few moons to keep production running 23/7 when the servers are on.

Talk to Mialta or Sunstar in game or in their public chat channel for more information

Milli o7

The Classy Gentlemans Corporation is currently looking for more pilots to join us in our endeavors. We are a long standing WH corp with over a decade of WH experience, currently we love in a C2 with C3/HS static. We offer a great Industrial infrastructure and tend to do just about everything New Eden has to offer. I went ahead and sent you a mail in game, in the meantime check out our forum post for more info.
I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Stay Classy and Fly Dangerously


Hi @Keasby,

Our group spends a lot of time in the Abyss and I am looking for more pilots to join our invasion fleets. Although we have a strong presence as a low-sec PvP corporation, we have been having a blast with the Triglavians because their AI is modeled after player behavior. I’d like to invite you to check out our ad and join us on Discord for a chat to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

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