116m sp pvp char looking for WH corp for pvp/isk something new


Laid back off and on player for over 12 years looking for a different game play experience and wormholes are something I have not tried my hand at yet I am mainly us/au tz. Looking for a tight knit group that is experienced and stable (Tired of corps/alliances that evaporate) feel free to message me in game. Thanks for your time.

Hello! If you’re interested in wormholes, you may be interested in Pathway to the Next. We’re a C4 wormhole group with a strong predisposition towards using EWAR in our fleets. We’ve been stable in our home for about 18 months now, and I don’t see any chance of us evaporating. We’re primarily active after 0100 Eve time. You can check our our full ad here: C4 WH - EWAR is our Jam

If you’re interested, feel free to stop by the channel P-NXT Recruit in game.

I think we’d be a perfect fit mate, check us out!

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