Seeking a pvp wormhole corp

I currently fly the anathema with archaelogy / astrometrics lvl 5 and the other scanning skills at 3 training into 4 now. For the next month or two I would serve primarily as a scout hunting for pvp opportunities / intel while I did relic sites along the way (when not actively hunting for pvp encounters for the corp). I plan on investing 80% of my relic site profits into injectors to speed up the process for training into pvp ships.
I am familiar / comfortable with wormhole mechanics as well as pvp and currently use tripwire but would be willing to learn other mapping tools if the corp uses pathfinder, siggy, etc.
The current ships I plan on training into in order are; Legion, Sabre, Devoter, Curse. I am willing to change my ship training plan to better fit the needs of the corp if necessary.
I am more interested in small - medium sized pvp roams and would prefer to specialize in the cruiser range primarily.

I am US / Eastern timezone and play primarily from 01:00 - 05:00 as well as a few hours throughout the day. I have a flexible schedule and can make other times if needed / planned ahead of time

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THough, I have a question. Is that your main or is it an alt for the forum?

Still looking

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Check us out:

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