118m sp character looking to re-join EVE

Hoping to join an industrial/mining corporation. I’m pretty laid back low drama sort of person looking for a similar corp. Its been a while since I’ve played. Mostly been incursioning recently. West Coast US TZ.

Sup man,

Do you have multiple accounts for industry or do you currently run a single account?

Are you interested in pvp and pursue it at all?

Message me ingame with your reply and we can continue a conversation there

Good evening! We are small corporation inside old alliance (Lord of Worlds). We live in null sec, in Tenerifis region and part of Mistakes were Made coalition.
We are mature and friendly community, our alliance is active on both EU and US TZ. We have decent opportuinities for either PvE (good rats, ore, moons and BBP for loot/ore/salvage on alliance lvl, minning fleets) and PvP (great FC, good amount of targets around, flash forms etc).
We do have CTAs however we understand that EvE is a game and we all have our own real life’s bussines so we do not force anybody to be all-around all-the-time 23,5/7. The only mandatory thing is to be on comms while you are in-game (we use discord and ts3).

If you are intrested you can either mail me in-game or get in touch via discord Glorfindeil#2642

Fly safe!

Our allies in Aquitaine Empire may be what you are looking for. They’re a good group living in a good area of space, plenty of resources & of course they like us (so they’re very tolerant of idiots).

My corp is a growing mining/industry corporation based in npc null sec. We are part of a very active and friendly alliance of similar corps, and we have heavily developed the industry capabilities of our home systems, with facilities for manufacturing, refining, reactions, research and invention all available. We also have facilities for building and storing capital ships, paired with a market hub and no less than 2 dozen athanors pulling moon chunks every day of the week for our corp and alliance to mine. We have corp ore and salvage buyback as well as corporation backed subsidized manufacturing work. If you are interested please feel free to mail in game @ Bob Huunnuras!

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