131.591 Superior Exoplanet Hunter Skin Crates - 300 bil - worth 3 tril in 3 years

Contract up again : http://prntscr.com/uo47zs

At the moment 10 % below Jita buy - 30 % ( 150 bil ) below Jita sell.

Guess somewhen in near future, when the price is 50 % below Jita sell, people will realize what that contract is.

Question is : who gets it ? :slight_smile:

We will see !


theoretically :

==>> If you could buy all real estate of the planet earth

–>> You would have kinda issues selling it, right ?

I mean, thats exactly the thing with this crates.

BUT : Is this ingenious or a problem ?

Yesterday introduced : Marshal Exoplanet Hunter Skin :slight_smile:

picture : http://prntscr.com/uq8mhd

Only in my crates.


50b offer

Thanks Mr @Doovdeh_Pasmeni for your offer.

I appreciate this.

But due to the introduction of the Exoplanet Marshal skins, my calculation is, that 50 bil is only the worth of the marshal skins.

I also got an ingame offer.

Seems there is getting motion into this.

Crates are not yet sold thus.

==>> Price at the moment 20 % below Jita - buy :slight_smile:

Each skin crate has 2 skins or 1 skin and 5 Plex … - save 120 billions to Jita - sell !


Dont´t i feed your greed ?

how much you want to for 10 of them?

Dear @Jorghinos_Bukandara, you can buy them in Jita market easyly … if ya want only 10

There are some … some at least.


contract is up guys


I mean : if ya buy the crates in Jita market at the moment -->> Ya have a very good chance to get skins worth plenty more then the crates.

Evepraisal looking this way : https://evepraisal.com/a/x0ipt

Means : 55 billions below Jita-buy, 155 billions below Jita-sell.

Apparently at the moment the crates are in my Jita sold out - and at my 3-year-target-price.

SO : i am taking offers now !


Well, single Exoplanet Hunter skins are still kinda cheap. The cheapest skins at all.

But how long ?

Apparently, they would be even cheaper, except some guy hoarded almost all of them - and now he realizes that maybe he shouldn’t have done that.

@Xeux :

Maybe he is gambling for a SINGLE Mashal skin - not ever one sold in Jita ?