14 mil sp pilot looking for corp

looking for a nullsec indy corp. just wanna rat.

just looking for something quiet away from the war.


Hey there man o/

See if this is something you might be interested in GoldenHall - Chill Indy Corp based in Null and High-Sec!

Would love to see you around :smiley:

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new post hu lol

lolz told you i would pick and choose carefully. didn’t expect the underwhelming response though XD

Hi Talea!

We are probably a great fit for you. We are an indy corp at heart with teeth. You can build and rat to your hearts content as well. We are not involved with null block politics and live in shallow Pure Blind. Check out our ad when you get a chance, hopefully we get a chance to speak soon.

You double posted? XD I sent you an in-game message! Enjoy!

same questions keep comming up so i hope this answers your questions.

most of the corps are my own. you will notice its always the same corps(yona aerospace, legion of lions). ushra kahn was my first real corp. touched toes in null when i was a nooby but was young and dumb so didnt work out cuz i wasnt competent enough. tried again a while later with lawn (goons). was ok my skills were starting to show but still tough as nails. and their systems are extremely camped so life was just ■■■■. factional warfare was the best experience. Ushra Kahn will always be home at heart. tough me how to fight. the wormhole really didnt work out. i just cant tank it. plain and simply too ■■■■■■■ much deeps XD and the neuts omg. XD

so ye just never really settled in anywhere. i wanted to learn eve. not just 1 aspect of eve. so took my sweet time finding what i like. things i found most fun is building bashing, higher level pve like level 4 security missions and 8/10 sites in delph.

started as caldari. recently refocused all my skills. extracted everything i “explored” and focused myself to triglavian and gellente armor tanked ships. with bashing being the big love and the “set piece” fights that come along with it. i focused on ships with high dps ceilings. training leshak and with previously training for phoenix i have all the zirnitra prerequisites. also trained for armor command. tank and spank XD pretty much all i can do. cant mine cant scan cant cloak nothing. but i sure can dish it out XD

im trained up to masery 4 on all triglavian subcaps besides zarmasd, drauger and ikitursa. and currently training proteus, damos, ishtar, hecate, enyo, ares finaly moving onto kronos. skipping over the dictor for now. assault ships,command ships and (tank/spank) was my only concern. i have skillbooks injected up to zirnitra and for caldari up to chimera. also have mining books injected up to orca. and all related books to caldari like ecm etc etc. character has billions of iks worth of skillbooks injected so she can virtually train almost anything without needing to buy books.

i’ve spent the last 2 years planning the next 10. knowing how long the game takes i was in no rush to grow. i wanted to learn. i’ve shot at titans and dreads. if killed structures. if lived in wormholes lived in null and low. been in the militia, gate camped, mined, explored. role played and even got into the politics. market trading gambling mods you name it if done it. capitals and structures being the level i havent done yet. but if done everything i could think of under that. tier 4 abyssals, level 4 faction security missions was my peak sofar. i still suck at pvp with only 3 solo kills in my carreer dying on all 3 accounts XD. but i fkn did it XD if even run my own nooby corp and it was actually successfull. XD ■■■■ ton of work though. dont wanna do that again. i’m at the point where i have to choose. null wormholes or low. and i think null will be more me with bashing and capitals being my biggest interest. goons presence in pochven and the economy being all shoddy makes this the perfect time to settle down.

so ye. hope that answers your questions.

my alt is isabella omerta

i have 916,115,659 isk.

im 27 female.

i have multiple sclerosis

i ■■■■■■■ swear allot. (like really)

if your mean to me i will ■■■■ on you XD

any other questions? XD

yes im crass. is what it is…

lol your funny i like your style

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i might be tiny but im tough. i might be skinny but im rough XD

you know where to find me :stuck_out_tongue:

Our US time zone is growing. If you want to kill stuff in Eve on a grand scale come join ELTC…we wont disappoint. Welcome to all our new Corp m8’s. I think we have the right ppl to get in the top 3 of Frat if not 1st. Lets show out!!! Don’t forget the Indi guys. We have top notch ppl with tons of on-hand mining, building and all the rest. Can’t take first place without these guys.[ELTC.] English community focused Fraternity 0.0 corp is recruiting We own Vale and it’s close to Jita. All the ratting you can stand with protection at all times…Oh yeah…Frat…no need to say more

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