145M SP sub-cap PVP/PVE - lots of implants + good standings


B/O now set at 130bn.

Near perfect sub-cap all 4 races PVP and PVE skills.

Crystal set
Slave set
Halo set
Nomad set
Snake set

  • a load of other implants.

Empire standings over 8 with two of the races

Clean, no bad history with corps, people or anyone.

145M SP (and another 800k unallocated) and not much fat in unwanted or irrelevant skills.

Can fly pretty much any combat ship (sub-cap) at a high level. No kill rights. Positive wallet, etc.

I am in no rush at all (been in the game for a decade and a half, so a few weeks is nothing), but if you want a quick transaction I can do it no problem for the right price.

All EVE and CCP policies for this transaction to be followed 100%.

Thanks for looking.

That’s less than 1bn per million SP and about 15 bn to 20bn in implants extra.

Most importantly, violation of any kind in the sale or purchase of a character in Eve is a permaban infraction. Do not even bother trying to scam. I have been in Eve since 2004 or so and this is not my first rodeo. I won’t mess you around. You don’t mess me around.

120bn b/o?

Thanks, but too low. Add another 10% and I’ll consider it.

By the way, character is now 100% ready to transfer. All assets cleaned up, all clones tucked away safely.

So, good to go as soon as a deal is agreed.

I appreciate the offer, though.

Daily bump and grind.

You still offering 120bn? If you could hit 130bn I’ll accept.

Thanks, but no longer looking.

I didn’t even realize, I wanted a toon like this lol. I bid 120 B

124 billion

Due to excessive living and mounting debts, Maxamike, after more than a decade of combat flying, ended up having to sell his mind in small fragments until nothing was left.

From 150,000,000 tightly focused combat SP to just about being able to fly a shuttle…

He slips into the star studded sky, forever orbiting the star of Jita.

Perhaps one day, his vacant, gormless clones can be harvested for implants, and after that, he will be able to slip into the welcome void of a biomass recycling facility.

Ave atque vale.

We shall not remember you as this near lifeless puppet.

We shall recall you as the fearless leader, the legendary pilot.

We shall imagine you on an extended cruise around the stars, sipping cocktails and smoking nuff weed.

There is no more to say, old friend.

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