150m Combat Toon

Melodic Garemoko Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

HG Crystal set
Positive sec
In Jita
No kill rights

Starting bid: 105b

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110b offer


113b offer

114b offer

120b offer

122B offer

123b offer

130B offer

140B b/o

Price point reached.

Starting 12 hour timer to give others a chance to bid but will sell at the end of the 12 hours if no others.

140b offer accepted.

Please send isk and account info.

I will send isk and required info ASAP (in 12 hours)

ISK and info sent, please initiate transfer process.

Isk and info received.

Character Transfer initiated.

Thanks and enjoy!

Thanks. i’ll let you know when i receive it

Character received, many thanks.