15m Orca Pilot looking for Mining Corp

I’m a newer player looking for a group to mine with. I’m looking for a corp that does any kind of mining in larger scales. I have 25 days until max Orca boost. I want to just sit somewhere with some people and have a good time.

I’d be new to it, but I’m open for low/null/wormhole mining as long as there is decent enough security for everyone. (obviously not risk free, but something to stop a solo ganker or two)

If you’re corp is looking for an Orca pilot that is on most days and afks while working or is on later in the evening let me know!

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How welcome to join our community at The Order of Omerta. We are a group oh older gamers who like doing things as a team.

We have a hs Corp we can add you to where you can do some mining and hang on coms with our people. We have a nullsec Corp as well but you seem to want to do safety mining so we have hs for that. Our group is very chill and drama free, we just like to enjoy the game and do ■■■■ together.

If you’re interested come by and we’ll talk The Order of Omerta

Hey there, Aceassin!

The Seekers of Ore would love to have you! We are a rapidly growing mining corp in high sec. Super chill and are always looking for new people to hang out with. We can help offset those fuel costs of running groups with your Orca too!

Here is our forum post:

Take a look, and I hope you’ll consider us when you are looking around! You can ask any questions in that forum or send myself, Malfanito, some in-game mail and we’ll get started!

Until next time! Cheers!

Hello Aceassin Thunder,

Greetings from the depths of J-space!

Your interests in mining and providing support align beautifully with what Cryptopia can offer. While we are a wormhole corp, our environment has its own unique charm when it comes to the world of resource extraction.

While ore anomalies in wormhole space aren’t an everyday occurrence, when they do spawn, they’re vast and bountiful. The ore here is quite valuable and can be a very rewarding experience, especially with fellow miners by your side.

Safety is a concern we understand deeply. While wormholes aren’t entirely devoid of threats, we have the ability to “roll off” our connections. This means that we can, for a limited period, create a relatively isolated and safe environment for activities like mining. While this doesn’t guarantee 100% safety, with some vigilance and teamwork, it minimizes the risks significantly. With your upcoming Orca boost, you’d be a valuable asset in maximizing the yield of our mining operations.

Our corp is rich in camaraderie and collective endeavors. Whether you’re active during your work breaks or later in the evening, you’ll find a band of pilots ready to delve into the richness of the asteroid fields, all while sharing stories, experiences, and the thrill of extracting wealth from the cosmic depths.

If the allure of wormhole mining intrigues you, and you’re ready to partake in the grandeur of J-space anomalies with a group that values teamwork, Cryptopia would be delighted to welcome you aboard.

Get a glimpse of our journey here: Cryptopia’s Story. For a more direct conversation, feel free to hop onto our Discord: [CYPTA] Cryptopia.

Looking forward to the possibility of mining the depths of space with you, Aceassin!

Warm regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia

Hi mate,

If you are still looking into getting into a corp, have a look here:

Replicatorz are a small tight-nit Nullsec Corp based in Querious/Catch regions under the Dracarys Alliance/Imperium.
We are looking for laid back and social players who are active and self-sufficient. We are primarily looking for USTZ players

Greetings Aceassin

Lana Rhodes Appreciation Society is seeking newbros & vets to Null-Sec, we are located in Immensea.

We are a member of Literally Triggered and we are a corporation that likes to get involved in all aspects that EvE Online has to offer.

Points of contact –
driblyuk - CEO
Mick Lucedy

What you can expect:
• PVP roams
• Industry / Mining & PVE opportunities
• Experience and willing to assist
• Corp JF service
• BLOPS fleets

What we look for:
• 20+ Years of age
• Voice comms (discord & mumble)
• 15+mil SP
• Mature, self-sufficient, and works well with other members for a common goal

Public Channel: Larna Pub

Let’s chat more about this on Discord? I have plenty of moons to be mined regularly and indexes to be maintained. We’re building capitals and need solid miners.

Hit me up on Discord: Ehlissa#9836

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