Mining Made Fun! (And more importantly - profitable!)

Seek The Best, Get The Best with The Seekers of Ore!

We’re not just any mining corp; we’re your gateway to a world of opportunity. Join our ranks and let’s make mining your adventure of a lifetime. We don’t just promise; we deliver results.

Why choose the Seekers of Ore?
:star2: Unlock access to pristine, high-quality mining spots and always looking for more!
:globe_with_meridians: Mentorship for newbies to get you up and running!
:moneybag: Enjoy competitive buyback rates that put more ISK in your wallet.
:rocket: Join our regular (and impromptu) mining fleets , with boosts and compression!

At The Seekers of Ore, we’re more than a corporation; we’re a supportive community of seasoned miners and industrialists. Your success is our success, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. New or veteran, you have a place here with us!

At Seekers of Ore, promises aren’t just made; they’re delivered. Your path to a prosperous future starts here. Don’t wait any longer – take the leap, and seize your future with Seekers of Ore!

Reply below or find me, Malfanito, in-game to learn more!


Daily bump - Still looking for players to join us!

Another day - another bump! Still looking for more people to make some good ol’ ISK with!


Still looking for players both new and old!

What that bumpity do?

Join the corp and find out!

I reckon it’s another day where I speak into the void - just because we are still looking for players ready to join the corp!

Growing everyday - be a part of the next generation of EVE’s industrialists today!

still recruiting?

Hey. I’m considering a new corp, and I do like mining.

Do you have your own moons? How much is your buyback? And whereabouts are your headquartered? If we decide not to use buyback is that ok? And what are the taxes?

Hey Sad Panda!!

Would love to have you onboard if you’re still interested. We do Moon mining and our buybacks are very competitive! Whether or not you use it is up to you, but using it better helps us provide discounts on goods and other benefits for corp members!

I’ll reach out to you via in-game mail as well and will be available for any questions there or here! :slight_smile:

As always, still looking for players both new and old to come chill with some great people! Looking forward to having you!

This message is brought to you by The Seekers of Ore.

Seek the Best, Get the Best

Looking for more members!

New player looking for a great way to make money? Look no further! Reliable and safe, mining is the go-to profession to get that ISK!

Pew Pew rocks

Watch numbers go up

Gives me that dopamine

Come get some of your own today!

He puts the bump on the forum post lest he get the hose again

Holidays are just around the corner - perfect time to come back to EVE and join The Seekers of Ore!

Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate!

If you don’t celebrate it, I hope you enjoyed just another Thursday. :slight_smile:

The Seekers of Ore is still recruiting!!


I just sent you an in-game message as I would be interested in joining your corpo (I’m a relatively new player)

I don’t really care about money and stuff like that as long as I can smash dem roids while haveing ppl to chat with (even if can’t always log in a lot of hours)

See you in space

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