New mining Corp needs you!

Capsuleer Servants of Eve - Mineral Acquisitions Division

Newly started corporation building an industrial foundation as we work towards the future. We’re looking for miners, haulers, market traders, industrialist, even security personnel and explorers, omega and alphas welcome!

No fleet up requirements, you play as you like. We’re here to fleet up when you want. No tax and ore buyback program with offices across the cluster to drop at. Regular fleet mining opps with max Orca boosts. Regular PI operations and hauling available. New capsuleer program, we’ll help you train into what ever field you desire and make it as profitable as possible, and pay you to do it!

We’re new capsuleer oriented, but welcome vets looking for a fresh start in a new Corp with plenty of opportunities. Yes we’re just starting out and small in numbers. That only means every corp member is valued, and your success is tied to our own.

No minimum SP requirements, no required fleet time. We’re here to help, but your welcome to do your own thing too. We only recommend that new pilots complete a full set of career agent missions. These missions will provide you with the vital basics of surviving in New Eden. We’re your next step… o7

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Hey im interested. Gimme a msg on discord - Deadeye#5156

Hey I’m out running around right now, as soon as I get back to my capsule I’ll give you a shout!

In what part of space do you operate?
I made a new account dedicated to Indy and Mining.

We’re mainly operating out of Genesis and Derelik. We do have offices near all 4 faction starter systems for new players as well.

I’m usually out in the starter belts every weekend for a few hours offering free boosts, so keep an eye out! :smiley:

Yes we’re still looking for Capsuleers to join the team!

Miners, haulers, industrialists, traders, explorers, PI…

Looking to join.

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