Recruiting Miners - New players welcome

Are you a new player? Or are you an experienced player who wants to make some easy ISK.

The basics, we buy your ore off you. All you need to do is mine, it is really that simple. Daily payouts for all ore placed in the station corp hangar.

We specialize in asteroid ore belts, wormhole mining, gas scooping and ice belt harvesting. The aim? To make as much ISK as possible.

Please message me Jammy Cirillo or join the recruitment channel Gallareue Logistics Recruitment

Our Discord server

Services available:
Orca fleet boosts
Compression both asteroid and ice
Invoices for all payouts included

why are you recurring miners you sick person

If you have nothing worthwhile to contribute then please do not contribute.

Perhaps you should reread the statement that is currently appearing next to my reply box:

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It was a joke, chill your beans out. Plus jokes can help with recruiting as is lightens the mood

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Where are you based out of?

I have messaged you in-game. :slight_smile:

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