Indelicato Crew Recruiting Miners & Ratters

We are now recruiting miners & ratters, either new or experienced.

Miners will have access to ABC ore, ice, a refinery, building facilities and safe space to do their thing.

What the corp offers:

  • Free T1 Mining Barges
  • Excellent logistics services to move your own gear out if you want
  • A fun environment to play EVE
  • Reliable comms access -TS
  • Upgraded Systems
  • Mining boosts
  • Moon mining
  • Someone on almost 24 hours a day to pass the time with
  • Advanced building and research available
  • Corporation ore buyback program
  • Market open to Alliance and Blues
  • Drama free corp
  • Excellent, engaged leadership

If you’re interested in learning more about these grand plans to chill and make real isk, please contact one of our recuiters today. Our recruitment channel is Indelicato Recruitment

Up for the day!

Up we go come check us out and have good time!

Looking for more good members!

Still Recruiting!

Making those dank tics, and crushing massive rocks. Stop by and check us out.

Dank Isk is name of the game come get your now!

Dank Isk waiting for you!

Up we go still taking members in.

hello accepted Italians are also a pilot of Rorqual I’m looking for corp sia x minare, che x rat

Hi Peppe,

Come join in on the fun with us!

Up we go looking for more ratters to join the fray!

Plenty room for more devoted ratters that want to make some Dank isk!

Still Recruiting come join the fray!

Up we go still looking for more!

Chill corp, usually have people online eu/ustz. Great place to make isk and we have the infrastructure to make anything happen. o7

Plenty of ISK up for grabs

Up and down side to side is everywhere

Pound that idk here m8

One Rat, two rat, three go boom