Industry and Refining is recruiting Miners!

(Mr Rockman) #1

Hello capsuleer!

I have created a Mining Corp with my alt to help facilitate the production of ships for my Alliance!

My corp is currently recruiting Miners. If you are in highsec, barely making isk doing high-sec ores, this is a perfect opportunity for you!

We feature-
Engineering Complex’s with open access to you
Ore buyback Program (instant isk, you wont have to haul)
Zero TAX (so if you rat, you keep everything you make)
Clone Bay to create clones/Jump clones!
If bad guys show up around our peak hours, we will respond, you get to mine, we get CONTENT! :smiley:

What we ask-

We will have weekly orders, nothing crazy, but enough to make you feel like you are helping!
Fly at least a Mining Barge (we are producing them now, so the market will be seeded)

Drop me a line in game if you are interested, or app up to the corp :smiley:

(RaThoth) #2

Hi, i am part of a small mineing group of 3 players with a few toons each.
Just wondering what part of null you working?
As im interested in gearing up for mineing back in null but not being dropped on every day lol.

(Mr Rockman) #3

Hey RaThoth, im sending you a message in game :smiley:

(charlotte twink) #4

Any chance of forwarding us details in a PM, really interested!

(Mr Rockman) #5

i will PM you as soon as i can :smiley:

(Kaotik) #6

I’m interested. Soon to be returning player looking for options. Pm me details please.

(Mr Rockman) #7

I believe i have PMed you, Unless i did the wrong Kaotik :frowning:

i am logging in now to check :smiley:

(Mr Rockman) #8

Oh yeah, please join our Ingame public channel - Refining and Industry

Im open to all questions!

(Mr Rockman) #9

Recruitment still open! So far 4 people have joined, thank you so much!

(Subtlty Malafic) #10

I might be interested send me an in game mail with info like what part of null and how hard it is to get out there and what you might need out of me. Tyvm for your response.

(Mr Rockman) #11

Message sent, and it was great talking to you!

(Mr Rockman) #12

Recruitment still open, We are getting way more members than i thought possible, this is great!