About Damn Time NPC Null Sec Mining/Industry Corp is Recruiting!

(Bob Huunnuras) #1

Hey there! About Damn Time is a npc null sec mining and industry corporation that is looking to expand to include more miners and explorers. We live closely with a growing industry alliance as well as various other pvp alliances and corporations. We work together with these groups to create a very profitable and relatively safe environment for everyone involved. What we provide:

  • Ore and mineral buyback programs
  • 10+ Moons to mine
    -Ice belts
    -Ship replacement program up to cruisers on fleets
    -Controlled, fair market hub in-system
    -Facilities for reprocessing, manufacturing, reactions, inventions and research
    -Boosted mining and ice mining fleets
    -PI opportunities
    -Discord and TS access
    In my corp, there are no requirements to be online for any pvp activity.
    What we Require:
    -Full API
    -Strict adherence to null sec rules
    -At least 2 million skill points on a main character

Who we are looking for:
-Jump Freighter pilots
-Rorqual pilots
-Carrier and Dread pilots

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to mail me in game @ Bob Huunnuras

(Gorbog Ogeko) #2

Looks and sounds good. Ill send an ingame mail tomorrow

(Xeno Dragoon) #3

I support BoB!


(Bob Huunnuras) #4

Recruitment still open!

(Bob Huunnuras) #5

Still open!

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(Bob Huunnuras) #7

Still recruiting!

(Bob Huunnuras) #8

Looking for miners of all skill levels

(Bob Huunnuras) #9

Corp is growing quick, make sure you get a spot!

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(Bob Huunnuras) #13

Still looking for players of all skill levels!

(Bob Huunnuras) #14

Still open for new members!

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(Bob Huunnuras) #16

Recruitment is still open!

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