Null sec Indy/mining Corp looking for members

Off World Mining is recruiting miners, industrialists and marketers for a null sec Indy and Mining corp. Offworld Mining is looking for people that want to work towards a common goal to the benefit of the corp and everyone in it,

  • We offer our members

    • 0.0 Mining/Ratting
    • Corporate, Alliance, and Coalition:
      • PVP-from small roams to massive fleets
      • Comms(Mumble)
      • Discord
    • Normal(lie), Sane(lie), Fun people(not lie)
    • Experienced players if you need help with anything.
    • Shenanigans of all sorts
    • Corp owned stations for your needs
    • 22 null sec systems for whatever you want to do.
    • Advancement opportunities.
    • Reward program for dedicated members
    • All TZ welcome.
  • Our Requirements

    • Corp participation, be that mining ops, industrial activities, PI or PVP
    • A willingness to fill a role within the corp
    • Minimum 10 million SP
    • Full background check
    • Active pilot

We are still recruiting.

Great people to fly with, and lots of opportunities for growth. Highly recommended!

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Picked up some recruits, still looking for more.

Shameless bump

Fun Group to fly, shoot, mine and die with :smiley:

Good group of people that I’d gladly watch their back any day

Our most recent recuits have adapted nively and are loving it. We are looking forward to getting some additional members to add to the family!

Don’t think you’ll like Null? That’s because you haven’t tried it! We’re here to make sure you are successful and have fun doing it!

Got a great set of guys in, still looking fore more.

Hehe fun group to fly with. Ate rocks, shot an interloper. good times had by all.

We are still looking for pilots looking for a change!

Completely shameful bump this time.

I cant seem to connect to your discord channel, but am interested in talking to you about joining the corp and getting back to null sec. Please let me know how best to get in touch.


Sorry, missed your post Declan. I see you did make it into the discord.

not completely shameful bump here, because we are looking for the right people. Still a couple slots open for recruits

heh, I now Fly with these guys. fun group, great knowledge. they are teaching me alot and are always newbro friendly.

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Angry bump because Minnesota, basically the stereotypical hockey state, cant get their #$%# together to get to the play offs…Dallas pulled it off…Minnesota…so disappointed.

Still mad…still looking for more members.

Not wrong on that one, but why watch hockey when you can shoot rocks and pirates??