Null sec Indy/mining Corp looking for members


(Abyrr Lemmont) #22

We’re at war…

our battlefield is on the anomalies…

our opponent… they are weak spod rocks who must batphone their pirate friends when we land on grid. We dispatch them with extreme prejudice. We then throw out mining drones and crack beers and make jokes.

Until the next wave forms and comes. Then we must fight some more. And drink some more. And harvest all the spod for our industrial demands.

For our Corp feeds the hungry PvP wing who has a thirst for more than spod. Theirs is a hunger for killboard glory. And for that… we must wage war with the spod. We must kill all the spod…

(NOl'ack) #23

Well now that Abyrr has removed any question about the level of sanity in our group…None,
none what so ever.

(Hadrian Gunvald) #24

Is there really any sanity to war?? no, but it must be done. The war on Spod MUST continue!

(Magnus Gavius) #25

Ya’ll are still batshit crazy. but in a fun way. We need more dedicated batshit crazy people.

(J' Marilan) #26

Personally I enjoyed Abyrr’s comment. It was very eloquent, and shows the dedication levels of the members of this corp. Always a pleasure flying with ya’ll!