DeezNutzz is Recruiting Industrialists once Again!

Hi there!

If you are interested in a US/AU/EU TZ Corp (yes, we fly all TZs, though mostly early evening EU into the small hours that then become US) then hit reply (please don’t anyone hit Reply All) and get in touch.

We live in nullsec with only one jump freighter transport from Jita and will ship your essential items for free to get you started. After that that, you can mine, rat, or PvP to your hearts content.

We have Astrahaus, Athanors (yes, multiple), Raitaru, and soon, a Tatara too. We are also working towards our winter project of building our own Fortizar and capital fleet.

We have capital building capability and can cater for almost any blueprint requirement both in terms of research and requesting ships for you to build yourself for your own projects.

We mostly mine together, with total moon mining revenue which has the potential of 40bn ISK each month. We aim to have this realised by the new year.

Want to get rich? Then come mine or build or rat.

Want to try PvP? Then come catch all the travelling neutral gangs. Roam free and hunt whomever you want.

Want it all? Well …

Thanks for reading,

Looking for a nullsec home? We might be looking for you :slight_smile:

Bumper karts! Back to the top!

Hi, am finally returning to EVE, and looking for a corp to mine with. I actually have 5 accounts that I hope to get all up and running again soon… All miners. This account can fly an orca, and working on getting up to a Rorq.

New (omega) miner with only 1.7m skill points looking for a corp.

@Elenaril_Silversmith @Bosterita_Rodriguez

Replied to both ingame mail :smile:

Hi, do you have any skills requirements ? I have seen that some corps do.

I have been trying to respond in game, just so you know!

Hey, still recruiting?

@Nyuusen Yes!
@Elenaril_Silversmith I’ve been away for the weekend - will get back to you!
@Lone_Predator Of course not, we welcome everyone new and old alike!

Hello. I am looking for a mining corp waiting a message in game to start talk thk.

Replied ingame

Bump :slight_smile:

I am looking to get back to Null can you send me a ingame e-mail to chat link would love to talk to you all.

Just mailed you ingame! Chat soon!

Bump :smiley:

i just mailed you in game

Heeey, what is this about??

lol! Love it - have you a home, or are you just passing buy your cousins? :stuck_out_tongue:

Toot toot! :sunny: