Duckzer Mining Corporation

Duckzer Mining Corporation is recruiting miners and PVP focused players. We operate mostly out of the USTZ with some EU members as well.

We are located in Tenerifis as a proud member of Razor Alliance. We offer great space to mine and rat. Also plenty of good fc’s that take roams out frequently.

We require that you can fly an interceptor for traveling in nullsec. In addition, we ask that you are willing to form to defend our space, train to our doctrine, and be on teamspeak when you are out and active. We have afk channels if you don’t feel like taking in the dank banter.

We all get along great with each other and love chopping it up on comms while out mining. We have good moons and hassle free payment system for mining with a full disclosure on payouts.

If you are interested stop by our in game recruitment channel, Duckzer Recruitment, and give us a shout.


Fun group of guys to fly with. Always someone online and on comms to chat with. If you want to learn or do something, they’re only a question away to help you better understand and fly within Eve!

Been a Duck for 4 years, low stress great bunch of players (not all dudes either), and a growing corp. Activities that pretty much cover anything you want to do from Fleets, Small Gangs, Mining, Industrial, Exploration and WH. Mainly US and EU tz but we do have some AUTZ peeps too.


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