Looking for nullsec pve stuff

Hello, I’m a fairly new player and I’d like to join a corp that has good mining facilities out in nullsec, like boosts/moons as i’d like to get deep into mining. I play AUS TZ so would prefer a corp with the same TZ. Doesnt have to be mainly AUS, just have some people/fleets/facilities online during those times. Thanks!

So we have a good EUTZ and USTZ standing, so I think you would fit great right in the middle of them. We definitely have some night owls and all day players as well, so I think you may enjoy their company as well.

If pve is your itch, we can scratch it. We can help you do some more traditional ratting and mining, as well as join us in some more unconventional methods that make those activities a little more fun :wink:

I have a recruitment post up if you want to see what offer. Join our discord today and talk with us!

Just dropping a reply for my Alliance’s friends out in Null, called TIKLE. They seem to have a large AUTZ group, so I would recommend checking them out. I am not a part of them, but keep tabs on our allies.

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