Looking for mining / production corperations for nullsec

Hi there,

is your corp ready for a new step, you guys all up in mining and do you wanne go after the bigg cash in mining, manufacturing etc? but not wanne rent or become slave labor?

We have a place for you. We are a small but highly foccused group of long term Eve players living in Drone nullsec with our good friends the Chinees from FRAT.

We are looking for miners that wanne mine ( barge / orca / Rorq ) in astroid and moonbelts ( R32 and R64) producers for caps and all kinds of stuff.

We profide:

  • Nice friendly enviorment ( english spoken, but we also we have Dutch, French,German,etc)
  • Good coalition - > All services you need
  • Shippingservice
  • Buyback
  • lots and lots of oppertunity`s for making bank $$
  • TS to hang out
  • Coalition mumble for ops

If your corp is newer and need help and guidance we are willing to help out.

Feel free to convo me for a chat, we dont have fancy recruiters or fancy chanels.

Fly safe and see you in space!!

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