Looking for Null sec Mining/industry/ corp

Wanting to get into Null sec mining/industry . Looking for something far away from conflict as I can find. Just want to mine and perfect industry/PI/Reaction skills with as little warfare as possible. Thanks…


Hit me up. We do tons of nullsec and lowsec mining. And its typically “safe”.

We are not renters and have sov. If you produce things there is a HUGE demand for indy people to make things or mine.

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Hey Lord Shaco Shi,

We are in the Deklin/Fade region and our corp has buybacks on pretty much everything. We have pretty consistent access to moon mines, and access to a well established JF service from Jita.

We also have a well stocked BPO library that is ever growing at the demands of our industry people.
We do require our members to register on our corp auth, alliance auth, and our API. Let me know if you are interested.

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You’ve found it here!

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Hit me up for a chat, on discord, CodeName#0898

we have a (safe) environment. we could use a few orca pilots.

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