Looking for null sec industry Corp near gallente space

Old player coming back to the game. Looking for a good Industry Corp to join.

I am super busy in RL so I only get on a few times per week(usually weekends) to actually play for an extended period of time and log in everyday before I head to bed to adjust my market trades.

I have done everything in Eve when it comes to the PVP side of things. So now I am looking to slow down a lot and just do industry stuff and if pvp is needed I am more than capable of filling any spot needed.

Before leaving 3 years ago I sold all my toons except for an alt with a terrible name and Played skill queue online with him every so often. I can build/trade/process almost anything at this point and give pvp boosts. Just looking for a fun place to do it where I can learn more about the industry side of things.

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Would you consider null sec? Ushra’Khan needs miners.

Industry corp with a solid infrastructure in Amarr space looking for good people. Laid back, hi-sec, all adults. Message me if you’re interested.


Null sec sounds like it would fit your needs perfectly. Would love to hop on TS and chat with you. Mail me in game if you’re interested.

Seeing as high and low sec options are very limited. I am looking for some Null sec options close to gallente space.

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