Looking for Mining / Industry / PVE Corp in quiet 0.0


I’ve been playing Eve for 3 months now. Currently sitting in my own corp with my 2 alts.

I mainly mine in HiSec with my Orca, watching over my PI Planets in LowSec, doing some exploration in WHs and currently looking into some ratting (trained into flying a Gila with some good drone skills). Later I want to do some industry stuff – building ships and so on, but currently my training time is set to other skills. I have no interest in PVP activities at the moment.

I now want to venture out into 0.0 - basically doing the same like in HiSec - but with more profit :-).

I’m basically searching for a corp sitting quiet and peaceful in Null and minding their own business without focusing on wars and pvp. Since I’m a fairly new player I may need some help here and there - but I tried my best to learn all that I needed through reading and experimentation.

Timezone is a bit difficult - I’m in the EU, but since I’m a night owl I will also fall in the US timezone. So I’m flexible.

For communication, I prefer to write. For fleet operations I will also listen und talk, if I have to. But don’t expect me to be constantly on the mic when I’m online - often I just want to mine away or kill some rats while listening to music. I’m also not a fan of forced training into certain ships and skills (I’ve read somewhere that certain corps have doctrines).

And yes, I’m not a native English speaker – I think you already guessed that. But I’ll also take this as an opportunity to train a bit more English while playing the game :blush:.

If you have an open spot for someone like me, just let me know, thanks!

Hey, Edna. I can’t be of much help on the nullsec front but I wanted to mention my sister alliance MILDY UNPROFESSIONAL. They’re an industrial-driven group of corporations that coordinate with members of my alliance Strictly Unprofessional to hold a chunk of Gallente lowsec for ourselves. There are plenty of moon goo sites available to afk mine in your Orcas, you can explore local sites and WH entrances, and you can also take full advantage of several PI planets with low tax rates! The best part is that you’re only a few jumps away from Villore and Dodixie and within Jump-Freight range of Jita.

If you’re interested in taking the lowsec route instead then hit me up in-game so that I can refer you to MPRO. Otherwise, good luck in your travel to nullsec space!

🇬🇧 Extremely Active Corporation , Established NullSec Community, I-FED - Legacy -early EU time zone One have a hat with us mate

Hey mate jump on our discord for a chat

If you have not already found a corp, you might want to give us a try.

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