🚧 Wicked Syndicate NullSec Mining & Industry

We are a small but growing corp. We are part of the Cyno.Up alliance and have moved most of our operations to Null. We do not require any Paps though you are free to join any alliance or coalition fleets that you would like to. We do not have any skill point requirements but the more skill points you have, the more you will enjoy Nullsec.

What we offer:

  • Nullsec Asteroid and Moon Mining
  • Alliance Buy Back Program
  • Manufacturing
  • Nullsec Ratting
  • Nullsec Fleets
  • Nullsec PvP

If this sounds interesting, please contact Keyer Wicked, Krizag Darkmist, or Crunchbird O’Brien.

Plenty of rocks to chew, rats to kill, things to make, and neuts to kill. We are laid back, open to new players and vets alike!

We making ISK and having fun, you should join us.

Mining, ratting, home defense fleets, alliance fleets…too much fun for us alone.

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