Looking for Miners! Wicked Syndicate // Warped Intentions Alliance // Nullsec

We are living in Period Basis living the good life in Nullsec! We have NS Ore Anoms, Ice Anoms, Moon Mining to keep your wallet fat using corp and alliance buybacks. You can also reprocess it and build with it. Plenty of PI to keep your builds going and wallet fat as well!

What we are looking for:

  • Drama free players looking to enjoy their Eve time
  • Players looking to join PvP Fleets and Home Defense
  • Pilots interested in mining & industry
  • Newer players looking to learn Eve and NS
  • Vets looking to make isk and help others
  • Willing to get along and participate with others!

What we offer:

  • NS Sov space for ratting, mining, exploring, building, and PvP
  • PvP (Alliance and Coalition Fleets)
  • Access to Alliance and Coalition structures
  • Alliance Shipping to and from HS
  • Corp/Alliance Buybacks
  • Ore & Ice Anoms
  • Moon Mining
  • Knowledgeable vets who know the game
  • Assistance getting started
  • Relaxed atmosphere (both in-game and on Discord/TS

What we require:

  • Discord
  • Mumble (For Alliance and Coalition Fleets)

If interested, please contact Keyer Wicked, Krizag Darkmist, or Crunchbird O’Brien in game or stop by our pub channel W1CKD Pub or our discord

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