🚧 Wicked Syndicate – High Sec Mining and Industry

Wicked Syndicate is a USTZ corporation of miners and industrialists. We are small and hoping to add miners and industrialists.

With the Ore Redistribution, High Sec mining has increased in value and we have been taking advantage of that. We have experience and fleets with mining boosts. Our citadel offers reprocessing and is held by a holding corp to keep from being war dec’d.

Wicked Syndicate is relaxed and friendly. We have no requirements and all ore that you mine belongs to you. We are newbro friendly and hope to teach others the joy of mining and industry. Since Wicked Syndicate is currently a smaller corp, we do have our quiet times but that will change as we grow. Bitter vets are also welcome!

For more information, you can DM me here or contact Keyer Wicked, Krizag Darkmist, or Ner’ro Darkmist in game.

Looking for more miners and industrialists to join our ranks.

Slowly growing but looking for more miners and industrialists!

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