Newbro looking for USTZ industrial Corp

Been playing for a few days and I think I know how I want to play the game. So, I’m looking for a Corp that specializes in mining and industry. I have my own plans for what I’d like to do and I’d be happy to speak with someone about it.

I’m also looking for that Corp to be relatively small. The massive groups in games like this tend to become incredibly impersonal. I don’t want to be just another number on your spreadsheet.

RUTHLESS REGIMENT. Our alliance have XL engineering and refineries with T2 rigs. MOON fracks all day everyday. Ore anomalies galore
Lightning quick freighter service. ORE and almost everything else buyback program. Perfect refine service. Solid market. Everything a budding industrialist can ever hope for. Check out in game our public channel or join our public discord.

If you want to see 20 rorquals on grid. This corp is for you haha

Hello, check us out. I think you will fit great.

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