Pyke Syndicate Recruiting


:scream:Do you want a drama free corp / alliance?
:money_mouth_face:Do you want to make ISK? Lots of it?
:star_struck:Do you like to mine, rat, or collect bounties?
:hugs:Interested in Joining a friendly Corp based in Null?
:thinking:Want to be part of an alliance making Null security space a profitable enterprise?

Then, maybe we are what you are looking for.

  1. Pyke Syndicate is a new friendly and mature corp. We currently operate in null sec. We are part of Querious Fight Club.

  2. Our corp is open to new players and old players alike. We can teach or reteach you, every aspect of the game (we are old timers here). We seek to create a mature and friendly environment, where LIFE comes first and piloting comes second.

  3. No skill points requirement and no other fleet participation requirement.

  4. We are looking for all types of pilots:

    • Miners

    • Industrialists

    • Explorers

    • Pve

    • Pvp - Of course we encourage pvp and because of that, every ship lost with a maximum value of 50 mil will be reimbursed.

  5. Because we are at the beginning of this project we are also looking for

    • recruiters

    • diplomats

    • Fleet comanders

  6. What we offer:

    • Systems for mining / ratting / exploring

    • Boost for ORE and ICE mining

    • Stations for building and reprocessing

    • Stations for capital docking

    • Discord, info and guidance to learn aspects of the game

    • Friendly and mature environment

  7. Also, we aim to cover all tz.

For more information and contact: or our in game channel Pykes Cantina

You can also submit a direct application at:

Thank you for your time and we hope you would like to come and fly with us.

P.S. our alliance is also looking for corporations. No requirements, friendly / mature environment.

Looking for Industrial corp
Looking for a corp active between 22 and 01 eve time
Newbro looking for USTZ industrial Corp
90 mill Multi account Pilot lf 0.0
Looking for an Abyssal Running Corp
Looking for Null Ratting home
Returning player looking for Mining/Indy Corp (EUTZ) 70M Sp
No longer looking
[EUTZ] Returning player looking for corp
Pvp Veteran - Looking for a small corp to teach pvp
Returning Player
Returning player looking to try life in null sec
New player looking for a mining/industrial corp
Returning 3 acc player
Any Greek Corporation?
New player looking for Corp
PvE - Incursions / Mission runners
Looking For Corp - Industry, Mining, PI, and Hauling
Looking for Industry Corp
Looking for a corp (EU)
Looking for less "immersed" low/null corp
Looking for a home!
Disregard this post, please delete
Newer player looking for established nullsec mining/industry corp
Returning 55m miner / drone boat pilot / booster LFC
New Pilot - In search for a PvP corporation
Delete please
Returning player looking for a mining corp
13m sp looking for corp - interested in EW & logi
25m sp looking mainly for mining/industry corp
2 Pilots looking for a new home and a new start
102 mil SP looking for a good pvp home
161M SP Looking for an active PvP/Bounty Corp
156m SP Main + 5 other toons looking for a corp
35m Sp Returning player looking for corp with 2 pilot
New player with injected skill points looking for a corp
68m sp returning player
Very new pilot looking for null sec corp/mentor
Returning player looking for corp
13.5M SP Explorer looking for a corp
Looking for corp
Heavy Hauler / Miner LF Corp or Alliance
51.7 sp galle mini pilot
Looking for a mining corp
New Trashman seeking Corp
30mil sp looking to move to null sec
69m SP Carrier Pilot LF Nullsec Home
100m SP Experianced Pilot Looking for Small - Medium WH Corp
Returning player, weighing up options - 88 mill SP
Returning Pilot!~ 3.8 Mil SP; On rise. Searching for corporation!
Need a home

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