Hi peeps, experienced player, 84mil in SP, played on and off since the beginning really. Looking for a chill low/null sec corp/alliance to join. Not into major fleet ops, like to kind of do my own bit of PVE and pay my taxes.
Looking for a good industrial base, that can build and house caps…especially carriers.
A fairly peaceful life is what I am after…


I think you will find in us a best match.

sent you a mail


I understand that quite a few people aren’t a fan of those major fleet operations, I’ve seen that a few times now. Just get lost in the crowd and they’re pretty messy sometimes. I’ve got a corporation and an alliance that live in the Providence region of nullsec. You’ll find often here unlike other areas of nullsec you can always find small-gang fights, from BS brawls to nano comps and all of that.

We’ve got quite a bit to offer in the region besides PVP. Lots of moons and industry opportunities as well as structures to construct capitals and super-capitals and a lot of space to rat away in.

( Hyperian Command ~NRDS with Teeth~ )

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