Hyperian Command ~NRDS with Teeth~

-Hyperian Command-

H-COM is an AU and USTZ corporation founded by industrialists who understand the essential necessity of PVP in order to defend ones own assets. H-COM is a member corp of the alliance Sorry In Advanced based out of the Providence nullsec region. The corporation and alliance also have highsec and lowsec holdings. We are NRDS given we are apart of the Provibloc coalition. Luckily for us the KoS list is pretty big, so there’s a lot to shoot.

H-COM is currently looking for a few different types of players:

-Fleet Commanders or those willing to learn and desire to become one.
-Blops pilots.
-Capital pilots.
-Those in general who desire PVP.


-No PAP program!
-Optional PVP daily, all of the time. Ranging from small gang to large capital CTAs, to blops hunting.
-Teamspeak, Mumble, Discord communications.
-Access to a massive nullsec market hub.
-Alliance SRP Program
-Not feeling alone and isolated like the other vast nullsec regions in eve, and not having to go 50 jumps for a fight.
-Access to a megaton of moons and other PVE opportunities.
-Capital training program
-Jump Freighter logistics
-Extensive blops network
-Tons of other awesome perks!

How to join:

-Contact “Devinzeth Hyperian” or join the in-game Pub channel “H-COM Pub”

Looking for everything still, but especially looking for those interested in blops!

Looking for those who want to do small/medium-gang PVP! No PAP requirement, optional, and don’t have to go 30 jumps for a fight!

Been growing at a steady rate! Still seeking out more people who love to shoot things, who like to win fights, and who love small-gang non-TIDI fighting! Still seeking out a few additional Blops interested pilots as well. All done frequently.

Looking for medium-gang lovers and blops lovers. Pewpew lets go!

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