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-Hyperian Command-— ~create the content~

H-COM is an active (AU) and (USTZ) corporation founded by industrialists who understand the essential necessity of pvp in order to defend ones own assets. H-COM is now a member corp of the alliance SLYCE Pirates based out of the ETHERIUM REACH region. We are NBSI given we are apart of the Panfam Coalition. We currently participate in the ongoing war in Delve as well as home staging pvp fleets on a daily basis. However we have members from all walks of life in Eve not just pvp members, our members enjoy the SOV null sec benifits as well as the player markets.

H-COM is currently looking for a few different types of players:

-Fleet Commanders or those willing to learn and desire to become one.
-Blops pilots.
-Capital pilots.
-Those in general who desire PVP.
-Pve-DED-anomly-hunting-mission running pilots.

How to join:

-Contact “Devinzeth Hyperian” or “Kmanacoffin” join our in-game channel “H-COM-N-FRIENDS” or join our Discord http://discord.gg/dbgrK7K


video gets good at 6:30- :face_with_monocle:



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