[US/EU] HVYCC PVP Corporation Recruiting. New Player Friendly--Vets Welcome. No Donut!

HVYCC is a corporation founded by friends who wanted to build a community of like minded players wanting to succeed.

We are primarily a PVP corporation, however, indy/PVE toons are welcome.

We offer a WIDE range of activities:

  • PVP (Small gang, blops, caps, large fleets)

  • No blue donut–target rich environment

  • FREE ships, skill plans, and advice to new players (alphas welcome)

We also offer a buyback program for members to make ISK fast!

Join our Discord

For more info, or join Heavy In Public in game.

Recruitment still open! New players and vets welcome. Be apart of our community, and get plenty of content!

Come join us, be apart of our community! Target rich PVP envrionment!

Always looking for more people to join our community! Check us out for good fights!

Come join us! Make isk in low sec…yes it’s possible! Lots of PVP content from solo/small gangs, to LARGE fleet fights with caps, supers, and dreds!

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