HVYCC-Stay Heavy Friends. Null PVP/Industry Alpha/Veterans Welcome

HVYCC is a long standing corporation originally founded in 2014. We are proud members of No Visual. alliance and WinterCo coalition.

We are a tight knit group with a strong community foundation that we are hoping to bring new like minded individuals into. It is our goal to not have “numbers” but to have members of our corporation. Here in HVYCC you’ll make friends, have laughs, blow up space ships, and get blown up.

What we offer you:

  • Micro/Small/Medium gang PVP with access to large fleets on coalition level

  • A home in 0.0 to make all the ISK you could ever need however you wanna make it!

  • Membership in a long standing corporation, a stable alliance, and in one of Eve’s largest player groups

  • SRP at the corp, alliance, and coalition level

  • Good times and chill vibes

What we ask from you:

  • 10 kills per month

  • Activity on alliance/coalition ops as time permits

  • ESI security checks on all toons (even ones not joining the corp)

  • Use alliance and coalition Auth/SEAT

If you’re interested in joining stop by our Discord for best results.

You can also join our in game channel: Heavy in Public

Or send me an in-game mail

We look forward to flying with you



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Stay Heavy Friends!

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Still looking for excellent friends and good pilots to join us!

Stay heavy friends!

Recruitment open. Alphas/New players welcome! Vets come get rich!

Heyyyy let’s go! Plenty of kills to be had, join today!

Making money, getting plenty of kills. Come join in on the fun!

Content a plenty out in geminate come make isk and get sweet kills

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Good fun, and great times. Come join today!

Plenty of fights, lots of isk. Came make your name with us!

Active corp and alliance leadership. Plenty of fights, lots of money just waiting to be made. Come give us a look!

Good group of active guys. Fleets going out in Alliance and Coalition every day. Come join for green on your killboard and isk in your wallet.

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Lots of fights. Come be apart of the war effort!

Still looking for good people to come fly with us! we are very accepting of players come find out if we are the right fit for you either in discord or our in game channel Heavy In Public

bump bumpity

Still looking for people to join us! Get rich, plenty of content.

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