[US/EU][New Player Friendly] HVYCC. 0.0 Corporation. PVP|PVE|Miners Welcome! LEGACY Coalition

HVYCC is a corporation founded by friends who wanted to build a community of like minded players wanting to succeed.

We are primarily a PVP corporation, however, indy/PVE toons are welcome.

We offer a WIDE range of activities:

  • PVP (Small gang, blops, caps, large fleets)

  • PVE (Null Sec Ratting (Blood Raiders), Exploration, abyssals)

  • Indy (0.0 ore/ice, moon mining, industrial complexes)

We also offer a buyback program for members to make ISK fast!

Join our Discord

For more info, or join Heavy In Public in game.

Recruitment open.

New players/Alphas welcome

Vets find a forever home!

Still looking for members!

New players and bitter vets welcome!

Free ships for noobs, vets use your mainline ships and caps!

Still looking for members !

Wanna use a cap/dred/super? We got you.

Wanna get tons of PVP action in subs/smalls gangs/blops? We got that too!

Wanna make boat loads of ISK? Let it rain.

Check us out today!

Recruitment still open. Come join a fun and growing corp!

Looking for pilots in US and EU timezones. Always active PVP content, and isk making oppurtunities

Come join a fun and evolving corp!!!

We’re still recruiting! Daily PVP content, and lots of ISK to be had.

Come join the community! Makes some friends and blow up some enemies! All skill levels are welcome :slight_smile:

Still looking for people to join our corp! New player and bitter vits equally welcome, with equal fun and excitement!

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PVP, PVE, Indy, new, old it doesn’t matter. Make your home in our community, and enjoy the game how you play…oh lots of fleets and isk too!

Want to find a community? Want to be a part of something, not just a number? Check out HVYCC today!

Looking for a corp where you aren’t just a number? Come join Heavy where we are a community not just a corp.

Looking for a place to be apart of a community not a faceless number? Wanna learn or expand on your PVP skills/experience and make money while you do it? Give us a look.

We also blow up keepstars…so there’s that

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