HVYCC. Long Standing Corporation Rebuilding. Low/Null PVP. Alpha Friendly

HVYCC is a corporation started by a group of friends who have played together for years. We are recently coming back to Eve and rebuilding our corporation. Our history includes being in SOV space fighting in large scale wars, being in low sec running FW sites, and time in White Legion.

Our current goals are to build a corporation of like minded individuals looking to have fun, build a strong community, and have a good time exploding space ships.

We currently offer the following:

  • Small Gang, Medium Gang, BLOPs, and Capital fleet content

  • ISK making opportunities- Moon mining, FW LP, 0.0 NPC missions, etc

  • Corp/Alliance SRP

  • Highly active corp and alliance leadership

For our members we ask the following:

  • ESI security checks for all toons

  • Registration on Auth/SEAT, etc

  • Usage of Corp/Alliance Discord/TS3/Mumble etc

If you have any questions or are interested in joining feel free to stop by our discord (for best results) or in game channel: Heavy in Public

You can also mail Don Abele in game for information.

Still recruiting like minded players

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