HVYCC-Null Sec Corporation Recruiting. NPC Null-Merc Work-Blops-No Blue Donut!


Heavy Causality Collective (HVYCC) is a null PVP corporation, active in NPC space (no blue donut sorry). We are a corporation rebuilding from an extended hiatus, but we’re back and rebuilding, and we want YOU to be apart of our community!

We come from a long and storied tradition of PVP in null sec, low sec, and even some High sec wars. You have a chance to be apart of our new history as we find

What We Offer

  • Highly active and growing corporation

  • Active Corp AND Alliance FCs/Fleets

  • Experienced Leadership with high levels of organization and communication

  • Corporation Buyback for LP items, Ore, and Salvage!

  • Grow with the corp! As we grow you grow and so do your horizons!!


We only require our members to do a few small things:

  • Be active in Discord/TS3 when online

  • 1x Strat Op Per Week

  • 2x PVP Fleets Per Week (Strat Ops Count!!)

  • Registration on our SEAT for auth.

The HEAVY Difference

If you’re interested in joining please feel free to contact us!

While we are mainly a US corp, we do have active players in EU timezone so don’t be afraid to join!

To contact a recruiter join our Discord

or in game channel: HEAVY In Public

Still looking for PVPers for NPC null sec.

Looking for a few blops pilots!

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