[GCLUB] Null Sec PVP Corp Harbingers of Chaos

Welcome, if you’re on this page that means you have at least a passing interest in H0CI, so I hope to provide you with some more info to help you with your selection.

Idea H0CI is a corp that is built upon team work and working toward goals together. We are only as strong as our weakest link. Therefore we will do whatever we can to assist you in becoming the best pilot you can be. To this end we are VERY open to answering any questions you have might, and if we cannot answer them we will find someone who can.

Idea H0CI is a pvp corp; we are built to war, and will expect all members to have an attitude of willingness to fight. People starting out will find they will be provided ships to fly in, and skill books. As the corp grows so will a Corp SRP. We will be flying mostly T1 ships for the foreseeable future, so that the cost to pvp is very low. The corp will also provide discounted ships fit with corp setups on contract. Again the goal is to provide every chance for people to fleet up and kill.

IdeaH0CI is a organized group, which will recognize a structure. During a fleet the FC has the say in what happens, and this is unquestioned. If you have problems with something take care of it AFTER the fleet, not during. Ships that you fly during a op will be based on what the FC asks for. The FC’s job is to put together the best fleet setup he possibly can, please understand when you’re asked to fly something that it’s for the best of the fleet.

Idea H0CI will have a defined fleet setup. That will want people to train for, most of it is very easy training, and training you would be doing in any case. We will be running a Armor fleet and a Shield fleet concept, but both should be very similar skill sets.

This fleet concept will be the driving force behind our training, and behind our recruitment, we will be actively looking for certain pilots to fill a roll in the fleet concept.

And lastly, have some fun. While we do take pvp serious, at the end of the day it’s a game, and should always be treated as such. If you’re not having fun what’s the point of all the work?

So still reading?? If so join in game channel Harbingers Recruiting and lets start your journey today!!

Corp Discord : Discord