Heavy Hauler / Miner LF Corp or Alliance


I am a returning player, (Traded my old character for ISK - and started a new one). Been gone for a long time and looking to get back into it.

I mainly do Heavy Hauls and Mining Operations, not much for PvP but can and will defend when the need arises.

I’m looking for a Corp or and Alliance that my Corp can join up with. Hit me up in game (via mail) or reply here.

Kolvan - Fly Safe 07


I think you will fit perfect here. Have a look.

Hey Aayla,

I’m not much for Null Sec, but I see you also operate in High Sec…We should chat.

Can you come on our discord. I am there if you want right now.

Sure can

DIscord link is in our forum post i have put above. I wait for you there :slight_smile:

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