Looking for a mining corp

Hi, I am a new player, I love mining with my venture and I would like to strat mining with a friendly corporation, if it’s possible that operates in High-Sec.
EU TimeZone

May I respectfully suggest you have a look at Stratotech Industries. We are a new venture based in high security space. We have regular mining/moon mining and a variety of options open to members regarding industry, mission running etc. We are new player friendly, happy to teach and offer guidance.
We have a recruitment channel and Discord so please feel to get in you have questions or our corp description interests you.

Hello, take a look on Corp LOCVST
I play with people from this Corp since 2018 and it’s the most friendly Corp I have ever seen, I made several friends there and I could not be more grateful. We always have mining operations with many orcas boosting, send me a message in-game (Azuki Kusanagi) and I’ll gladly help you :slight_smile:

Hello, check us out.

You may be interested to join RUTHLESS RENEGADES. We prepare newbros for bigger things in Eve with the aim of joining our corp in null, RUTHLESS REGIMENT.

We are super chill and no drama. You will feel at home on day one. Check us out.

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