Syndicate. - Industrial Focused Alliance Looking for Like Minded Weirdos

Greetings and Salutations!

Syndicate. is recruiting miners and industrialists for our expanding operations. We are an active alliance that is looking for like-minded players to come and join us. We offer the following:

  • We are an active alliance.
  • Democratic-Republic form of governance.
  • HS, LS, and WH fleets w/ boosts
  • Non-Profit corporations available to join!
  • Industrial assets available for use
  • PvE fleets and mission running too!

Our infrastructure has grown and now we need you to come enjoy it!

Contact Relance Haklar, Commissar Keerik, or Anro203 (or anyone from a Syndicate. member corporation for that matter!) today and see all that we can offer industrial focused players and miners today!


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